Civil Rights


Knowledge Base


With the involvement of nonprofit experts, the legal and financial environment of civil society has been monitored and analyzed for several years. The aim of these studies is to point out and point drawbacks, propose corrections and thus urge decision makers to create a new system providing for the basis of simple and transparent operation as well as accessible and supportive funding and benefit schemes for NGOs.

The summaries of expert materials prepared for and delivered to the decision makers are also displayed making our arguments readable independent of technical analyses. This is an opportunity to provide an insight into the background of our advocacy activities.

Public Benefit

A comparative overview about the public benefit status in Europe, by European Center for Not-Profit Law

Comprehensive Nonprofit Legislative Reform Concept

This study examines strategically and comprehensively legal regulations affecting NGOs in Hungary today. It is aimed at providing a conceptual and practical overview of the legal environment of the civil nonprofit sector, and addressing and offering alternatives to its most important issues.